Some days it’s not fun!

Sail from HELL from Moores Island today. Delayed departure because we donated some stuff to the community. A pastor helped us out. More on Bishop Nixon Simms later.

Sail started off ok… A bit lumpy but sunny. Maybe 15 knots. Winds increased so we double reefed the main sail (reduced sail area a lot) and had a scrap of jib (front sail). The winds built. Brought in the jib. About 7 miles to go the waves began to change. Grew larger from 2m to maybe 4m and breaking at the top. I just kept thinking surfers are nuts.

Jim hand steered then and we slid into Great Stirrup Cay and Great Harbour with relief. The pic of the standing wave when we entered the harbour was not indicative of the rough conditions we had come out of!!

Found a nice place to anchor out of the wind and marvelled at the cruise ship version of the Bahamas…wow.

Met a lovely couple and two kids from Brazil who anchored near us on their Gemini 105.
We’re anchored in clear sand, 1m of water, a big starfish and a ray or Shark to greet us. Now sleep.

Thanks to the late Ian Farrier for designing a strong boat. Good night from the Berry Islands.

About Carleen&Jim

Sailing (and other) adventures of Carleen and Jim often featuring us sailing or racing our trailerable trimarans.
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