Everglades Challenge 2017


The countdown is on to the 300 mile unsupported adventure race (meaning you are on your own buddy! No safety boats or chase crew) which Jim will compete in called The Everglades Challenge. The race begins from the beach at Fort DeSoto just south of St. Petersburg, FL on Saturday, March 4. Competitors have up to 8 days in which to complete the race and compete in different classes depending on your style of vessel and number of crew. Jim is in Class 5 multihulls and will be solo.  The finish area is in Key Largo, FL on the Florida Bay side.

Each competitor has a Watertribe nickname. Jim’s is “Willymakeit”, a play on his middle name (William), that he finished building the boat out of whatever scraps we had kicking around and the fact that this is his first EC. So when you look for him on the Tracker Map, look for Willymakeit in Class 5.  He will compete in our little Tri “Leftovers”, a Seaclipper 16.  For those with a discerning eye, yes that is a modified Tornado sail. He also has a small spray dodger and a Bimini to stay dry and out of the sun (pictured above).

To learn more about the EC, check out the following links: