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Sailing (and other) adventures of Carleen and Jim often featuring us sailing or racing our trailerable trimarans.

Best wishes for 2022!

Wow… how much our world has been through. Who knew when Jim and I were sailing the Bahamas in late February 2020, what would unfold in the next almost two years? Yet here we are in the early days of … Continue reading

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Our Boat is a Celebrity!!

We are enjoying a wonderful cruise with two other boats in Georgian Bay’s 30,000 Islands. Yesterday, Jim and the guys from our small group took our F-31 trimaran into the town of Parry Sound to get supplies and for our … Continue reading

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Cruising The Gulf Coast of Florida on a 22′ Trimaran

In the Fall of 2014, Jim and I decided to trailer our 22′ Trimaran “Raise a Little Hull” down to Florida over Christmas and New Year’s.  We had two weeks of holidays so we figured it would take 2 days … Continue reading

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Now for the Rest of the Story Part 5 – Bahamas Adventure 2017: “Almost There….or…Not Sunk Yet!”

This is the final post about our Bahamas 2017 rescue of the damaged Corsair F-31 trimaran. As we were hunkered down out of the raging east winds on South Bimini island, we continued to pump out the boat every 4-5 … Continue reading

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Now For the Rest of the Story – Bahamas 2020: Part 2 – Another “Learning Experience” or “The Spoils of Anchoring in Florida”

One of the terms which a cruiser might note on Florida nautical charts is the term “Spoil Area”. After the episode which I will describe below, this term became a puzzle to me (Carleen). Logically it would seem to mean … Continue reading

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Now For the Rest of the Story – Bahamas 2020: Part I – Hard Against an Island…at Night…in a Storm

This is the first story about some of the “learning experiences” which Jim and I had when we cruised the Bahamas in the winter of 2020. This crazy year being what it is, we shouldn’t have been surprised that some … Continue reading

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North Channel Cruise 2020 – Killarney to Midland: Good-Bye North Channel, Hello 30,000 Islands!

There have been times in the past when the tiny village of Killarney, and indeed a good part of northern Georgian Bay, becomes enveloped in a dense shroud of fog.  The morning of our last day in Killarney dawned with … Continue reading

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North Channel Cruise 2020 – The Benjamin Islands west to John Island and back to Killarney.

It’s funny how a poor night’s sleep in a beautiful anchorage might colour one’s view of that place! I have a love/hate relationship (mostly love) with the Benjies as sometimes you get caught in a wind from an odd direction … Continue reading

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North Channel Cruise 2020 – Killarney to The Benjamin Islands

Covered Portage Cove just west of Killarney is a wonderfully picturesque safe haven for boaters. The entrance to the Cove is narrow and twisting, and once inside, the high, steep sides of the rocky hills surrounding it provide almost 360° … Continue reading

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North Channel Cruise 2020 – Midland to Killarney

One of the things we’ve learned in this new era of Covid-19 is to find ways to de-stress. Jim and are fortunate in that we have been able to still do many of the activities we like to do while … Continue reading

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