Blogs, Vlogs & Sites We Like

  • Fanshawe Yacht Club:  This is our home sailing club here in London, Ontario (Canada). Fanshawe Yacht Club also has a Sailing School with programs for children and adults and well as a great contingent of Dragonboaters!
  • Belwood Lake Sailing Club:  Super chill sailing club in Fergus, ON on Belwood Lake (Carleen’s family all sail out of this club)
  • Canadian Y-Flyer Association:  The Y-Flyer is the 18′ scow that Jim and Carleen grew up racing on in Canada and the US.
  • American Y-Flyer Sailing Association:  More about sailing and racing Y’s in the USA.
  • Farrier Marine:  Ian Farrier is our favourite multihull designer.  Rest in Peace & Thank you Ian for your superb designs.
  • Women Who Sail Facebook Page:  Ladies, if you love sailing or boating and are tired of rampant mysogyny in some Facebook groups, try Women Who Sail!  Click Here to go to the Facebook Page (yes you need to have your own FB account to join)
  • The Boat Galley: our friends from our Y-Flyer racing days – Carolyn & Dave Shearlock – give insights on the cruising life.  Carolyn and another of our Y friends, Jan Irons, wrote the “go-to” foodie’s guide to cooking aboard a boat called The Boat Galley Cookbook.  Click Here to listen to their podcasts on Boat Radio.
  • Commuter Cruiser:  Jan and David Irons cruised for years for part of the year on their Passport 37. (dang I wish we could’ve beaten them just once in the Y!) They created a wonderful site called “Commuter Cruiser” which is a great resource for those thinking about pursuing the cruising lifestyle. Now they are land yachting and recently they completed The Great Loop in a Trawler! 
  • Tula’s Endless Summer:  A hard-working young couple, Sierra and Billy and their awesome rescue dog Jetty decided that a normal land life wasn’t for them right now so they lived on a a small monohull, then on a trawler and recently on a performance sailing catamaran out of Florida. Now they are land sailing in their truck camper while waiting for their new Seawind catamaran to be built. Very informative and super fun videos. Click Here for their awesome videos on YouTube.
  • Ran Sailing: Malin and Johan from Sweden sailing the world with their little girl Vera. Beautifully-produced videos with great content. Click Here to watch their videos on YouTube. Their website is
  • Gone with the Wynns:  Nikki and Jason Wynn are modern-day documentarians who are also relatively new sailors.  Follow their adventures as they learn to sail and cruise on their Leopard 43 catamaran. Click Here to watch their great quality videos and honesty about their new experiences
  • Sailing La Vagabonde:  A charming Aussie couple Elayna and Riley are also relatively new to sailing who decided to sail around the world. Open, honest and pretty danged positive about this whole cruising thing. They’ve got great videos and a super cute little boy named Lenny. Click Here to watch them on YouTube
  • Sailboat Story:  A young family sold everything, moved onto their sailboat and then learned to sail as they made their way down the US East Coast to the Bahamas. Now they are land sailing in a class c RV while hunting for their next sailboat. Daughter Molly is super cute and they are pretty honest about being newbies! They have videos on YouTube which are well-made and fun.
  • Sailing Nandji:  Another young couple from OZ and their whippet Marley are currently sailing in south east Asia. Bonita and Yosh have recently become parents to a cute baby girl Tallula. Lots of fun; great videos & sailing with a conscience  Click Here for their videos on YouTube; their website is
  • Sailing Catalpa:  A young family from Australia set out to travel the world on a ferro cement monohull.  Great fun. Daughter Bella loves to cook and help Dad with the boat and their son Taj loves to spearfish and is quite an artist as well (he’s got some cool merch for sale).  Click Here for their videos on YouTube. Their website is
  • Sailing Uma: Kika and Dan modernized their solid old monohull, converted it to electric and are taking us with them on their adventures. Click Here to watch their videos on YouTube. Their website is
  • Free Range Sailing: Pascale and Troy are an Aussie couple cruising Australian water in a 30′ 50 year old monohull named Mirrool which they are renovating during Covid in Tasmania. Click Here to watch their adventures on YouTube and their website is
  • Distant Shores:  Sheryl and Paul Shard from Ontario, Canada, embraced the cruising life years ago and their series “Distant Shores” became a TV hit with sailors around the world.  We were lucky enough to sail their Southerly 42 “Distant Shores I” a few years ago on Lake Simcoe.  Click Here to watch snippets of their videos.  They too like shallow-draft boats such as the Southerly for gunk-holing to places where others can’t normally go.
  • Trio Travels: A Family from British Columbia moved onto a catamaran to sail around the world.  Lots of fun in the sun with their son Cole. During hurricane season, they run an Extreme MAC and Cheese Food Truck in the BC lower mainland! * I believe that they have now sold the boat and are back in BC on land for now but the videos are well worth a watch. Click Here to watch their videos on YouTube.
  • Sailing Totem:  A family circumnavigated the globe and keep going!
  • Sailing World:  online magazine all about sailing
  • Sarah Steenland: an Aussie cartoonist is off sailing with her family. Her cartoons are hilarious!
  • MV Courageous Blog: Friends Joanne and Terry whom we used to race Y-Flyers against recently completed the Great Loop on a 35′ Trawler.  A great adventure to follow at

There are SO many more great sites and channels of course.  We will add more to this page as time goes by.  In the meantime, there is a lot of sailing to be watched online especially as many of the sailors from the sites above create videos for YouTube or even Podcasts. For example, Tula’s Endless Summer also do podcasts now and then called Whatever Floats Your Boat. Also check out Andy and Mia’s sailing podcast 59 North.

Fair winds friends!