Gladiator Polo… Who knew?!

So I’m at a Polo arena in Wellington FL!!  It’s a fun free competition put on by the US Polo Association. Lots of kids here. Gladiator Polo is a modified version of Polo. It’s 3 on 3 with a change of horses in between quarters (called chuckers I think) and is held on a smaller surface with less players. During half time, two tractors groom the dirt! I’m here with Debbie who is a dressage rider staying at the B and B. Now there are some kids having their own mini competition during half time. They are awesome! The ball seems weighted but squishy. The horses have thick “socks” to protect their legs but even so, there is a lot of physical contact in this game. I don’t know how the riders don’t knock each other silly with the mallets (or the horses).

Debbie and I… Not enough layers! 58F and dropping.

Below:  The Kids!

Debbie and I left after the half time kids competition as it was just too cold!! But it was fun to check out something new.

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