Palm Beach and Lake Worth (video below)

On Monday I hopped in the car and went for a drive to the shore. I followed my nose and ended driving by Trump’s Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach. It’s actually a club with an outrageous initiation fee I’ve heard. It seems very pink. It’s the first picture below.

The Chinese president is to visit there next month so that ought to be interesting. Super exclusive neighborhood along that stretch of the A1A highway.

Dark clouds headed my way later in the day and the winds were very strong from the northeast, hence the surf was up: yellow flag. The purple flag means dangerous marine life nearby. The purple flag was not flying at the Lake Worth beach a bit further south (where the long pier is). By the way, the little red schoolhouse was the first school in Palm Beach in 1876. The big tree is maybe a banyan or a tree with a strangler fig on it.

It finally rained at supper time and boy does this area need rain. Freshwater is precious here these days. Maybe Florida ought to do as other areas do and look into desalination more? Not sure they do that here.

Video of the surf at Palm Beach is below.

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1 Response to Palm Beach and Lake Worth (video below)

  1. Faith Hone says:

    Looks lovely there and lots of money around. Your B & B looks really nice. Love the way they named the rooms after writers and even had their books in the room. Wonderful Pictures Car. XOXO


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