Willymakeit on RaceOwl: Pics added 04/08

Jim texted me last night while we were at dinner with the checkpoint captains and some of the racers and their supporters. He was not too far away as the crow flies but is still a half a days sail away. He anchored in the north end of Lake Ingraham. He says his Tracker button doesn’t seem to be working which explains why we aren’t seeing his footprints on the Find Me Spot Map.

He can still send OK messages and he is still shown on the RaceOwl map which is another tracking map which the Watertribe uses. You can see a link to it on the Watertribe tracking map. Try this Link   http://raceowl.com/EC2017/RaceMap3

Paul and I are staying at the Rock Reef Resort in Key Largo. We left the trailer at Flamingo and will go back there today to meet Jim when he comes in to check it out. I believe his plan will be to sail on to Key Largo to the Finish. Here is a picture of Willymakeit’s position this am followed by more pictures from near Homestead, Everglades National Park and CP 3.



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Sailing (and other) adventures of Carleen and Jim often featuring us sailing or racing our trailerable trimarans.
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