Mosquitoes,  I’ve known a few.

Jim did two nights out on the edge of the Everglades. The wind was on the nose the whole time and the mosquitoes were thick. The winds are to be light and on the nose again for the next few days so he’s done.

We hauled the boat out and trailered it to our hotel in Key Largo. Sadly, a little screech out flew out from the side of the road in the Everglades right into the truck.  Paul tenderly pulled its little body out of the bumper the next morning.  Poor thing.  I didn’t feel so badly about the gazillion mosquito bodies plastered onto the truck.  More on the Rock Reef Resort later. All is well.

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Sailing (and other) adventures of Carleen and Jim often featuring us sailing or racing our trailerable trimarans.
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5 Responses to Mosquitoes,  I’ve known a few.

  1. Faith Hone says:

    I’m glad you had enough sense to stop Jim. We don’t want you getting sick out there. Gold Bond works best for itching, if needed. Beautiful resort you are at. Enjoy. Few Flurries today maybe & colder again. Still none on the ground though. XOXO:)


  2. mike morris says:

    Hi Jim,Car and Paul: We are back in freezing London.Our flyte from Orlando to Toronto was held up 24 hours due to very high winds at the To end. Soooo wind was the problem for our entire time away. The ride from london to To was rough, then the wind put a stop for the EC and the wind again held us up from getting home.Things happen in 3s.
    Hope you have a safe and trouble free trip back up north. See you ———– but don’t hurry its really cold and blowy here today.


  3. marcslessons says:

    Hey team! We’ve been off the grid in Hawai’i and were disappointed to hear you had to cancel, but wait! You’re back in the race 🙂 we were reading chronologically which made things much more exciting. Keep the stories coming!


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