Yes it can be done… 

One long day to North Bimini from Chub Cay yesterday. Our longest passage with this boat… 88 nautical miles.

Left at 6:15. 15-20 knots of NE wind out on the Bahamas Bank, waves not too bad but often a bit confused. Screecher went up for a while and we hit 14 knots but it came down late morning once winds built and course came more to a beat so we needed to put the jib up.

Saw an osprey snag a fish off Chub, saw some flying fish, and Carleen saw a big 5′ loggerhead turtle!

Weather was nice with partial cloud. Winds got lighter as the day wore on.  We sailed about 80 nautical miles on a starboard tack until we gybed around North Rock light at the top if North Bimini.

Funny, when we gybed a small bird of prey landed on our mainsail cover twice! It looked a bit scruffy. Weird.

Arrived at Weech’s Dock marina at 6:00 pm. Showered up and headed for well-deserved dinner out on the patio at the Bimini Big Game Club. Watched a big ray swim around at the game club.  It was 5′ across or so.  Apparently they feed bull sharks in there in the late afternoon! The restaurant is on the second floor and the open air lounge and games room is on the main level dockside.

Today it’s overcast, breezy and I’ve actually had to put a fleece on!  We will explore the island, and check the weather for a good day to cross to Florida.

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Sailing (and other) adventures of Carleen and Jim often featuring us sailing or racing our trailerable trimarans.
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4 Responses to Yes it can be done… 

  1. Faith Hone says:

    Very Cool 🙂


  2. Carol Goulet says:

    sounds like a great day…all of it! Lovin’ your trip.


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