Dan the Man! 

Sailed 6 nautical miles from Bird Cay into Chub Cay around noon today. It was a bit wavey but One Love did well.  The poor Berry Islands look like they were pummeled by Hurricane Matthew with palms ripped off halfway up, buildings torn apart, and not too much going on.

Chub Cay is a marina/resort supposedly with a little store,  restaurant etc but as we passed by the marina entrance,  we noticed it was closed off with buoys.

So we anchored safely in the cove and went exploring the island in search of ice and a cold beer.  We dragged the dinghy ashore by what looks like a dump, locked her up and went exploring.

Two hours later, no luck on our quest. It’s like a ghost town. The marina/resort is closed due to the damage from Hurricane Matthew back in October. We saw lots of roosters and chickens running around and a few workers zipping around in golf carts.  It’s a really nice place with a beautiful clubhouse showing no damage with a restaurant, infinity  pool and hot tub (all functioning by the way) . Outdoor furniture was set up on the wrap around verandah and on the pool deck.

There are villas which one can buy and after the Hurricane, a few might be going cheaply!  One was so wrecked that we could see into two bathrooms side by side and there were still toiletries on the vanity!

We spoke with a few locals who said that one rich guy owns the Cay and they thought he didn’t seem to worried about the expense of rebuilding. Some ladies thought it might be open again March.

We flagged down one guy to ask if we could find ice anywhere. He said he’d go get us some but we waited quite a while.  Another fellow came along and told he’d get us some.  His name wad Dan. I gave him my dry back pack and he was back in no time with it full of cubes.  He didn’t want anything for it but we paid him anyhow.

Dan told us that a 15 unit motel, the little store and the laundromat were all destroyed on tbe edge of the marina by the Hurricane. He said his own house was also destroyed. Now he lives in a cottage in the workers village behind the Church. Thanks Dan! 

Tomorrow we plan to leave Chub Cay early if weather looks decent and make for Bimini.

(Pics to come shortly after supper if I can manage to upload them. Supper – bbq turkey breast in a bag and coleslaw… Delicious!)

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2 Responses to Dan the Man! 

  1. Faith Hone says:

    To bad about Chub Cay. I figured you would want some supplies for the next long haul to Bimini. Feb.20th YEAH – you all made it !!!! 12 hours of sailing is a lot. How did you do it? Taking turns skippering and standing watch. So Happy you are all safe. Next stop – Ft.Lauderdale??? When? We sure have had fun watching you and trying to figure how long etc. XOXO


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