North Channel Cruise 2020 – Midland to Killarney

One of the things we’ve learned in this new era of Covid-19 is to find ways to de-stress. Jim and are fortunate in that we have been able to still do many of the activities we like to do while still staying away from people.

We went camping in our van just when our Provincial parks opened and enjoyed our time away a lot.

Now we are away again. This time we are sailing in our beautiful freshwater cruising grounds in Georgian Bay in Lake Huron.

Basically what this involves is sailing from island to island or to quiet areas of the mainland and anchoring for the night. We then go kayaking or fish, swim or hike and enjoy the serenity of the north.

We left from Midland and spent several days with friends on two other boats, working our way north through the 30,000 islands.

We anchored off of Beausoleil Island, Wreck Island, Franklin Island, and in Henvey Inlet where a wind farm and burnt trees from wildfires two years ago made for a surreal anchorage. We spent a night in Beaverstone Bay, then made our way down the narrow Collin’s Inlet to Killarney where we hooked onto one of four mooring balls rented out from Killarney Mountain Lodge.

The water is very high in the Great Lakes again…at least 4.5′ higher than chart datum so this causes a lot of damage to trees along the shore which drown, rot and snap off in the strong winds here.

So far the fishing hasn’t been very successful and we haven’t seen much in the way of wildlife other than a mink-like creature and a bald eagle or two.

Our other friends have now joined us so we are four boats exploring the North Channel. Here in Covered Portage Cove just west of Killarney, Jim had a chance to try out his sailing rig that he cobbled together for our 10′ kayak! He says it needs work!

Fair winds for now friends!



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Sailing (and other) adventures of Carleen and Jim often featuring us sailing or racing our trailerable trimarans.
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4 Responses to North Channel Cruise 2020 – Midland to Killarney

  1. Les says:

    Are you still in covered portage? I am in Kilarney on Twilight Zone. What is the name on your tri?


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