Trying to go with the flow but home we go

These are pretty crazy times. The Coronavirus has locked down the globe and that’s a good thing. We do not want to contribute to any issues which the Bahamians may have so we are heading home. We had a lovely time at Southwest Allan’s Cay sitting out some strong winds and exploring new areas we missed the last time we were there. The Iguanas are still interesting as is the friendly local southern stingray who comes around from boat to boat.

During our time there, several boats came and went next to us in the shallows. Most were catamarans and one was a swing keel monohull who squeezed in between us and a big catamaran. Thankfully the Skipper decided to move as they were really too close.

One of the reasons we decided to head home is that we learned that the local marina store would only sell food to local residents. We didn’t blame them but wondered if this would become a trend on the smaller islands. We were well stocked for at least two weeks but our other consideration was our travel insurance would be up in a few weeks anyway. It’s my belief that this fight against the virus will go on for some months so while we possibly could have returned to Nassau and stocked up to anchor at Rose Island for a month, it just seemed prudent to head home.

So here we are anchored off of Chub Cay. Yesterday we were at Rose Island after a lovely sail from the Exumas. I even made a “loaf” of bread in the Dutch oven on the way! We got ice cream and fuel at Palm Cay Marina after arriving from Allan’s. I put the ice cream in our little freezer and we enjoyed it and fresh bread with our sundowners in the anchorage at Rose Island.

Tomorrow we up anchor at 5:30am for a long sail to Bimini in what might be fairly light winds. This will be our jumping off point to the States. Hopefully the next week goes well getting the boat back on the trailer and driving home. We are completely self sufficient and really only need to stop for fuel.

Good Night from the Berry Islands!

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Sailing (and other) adventures of Carleen and Jim often featuring us sailing or racing our trailerable trimarans.
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1 Response to Trying to go with the flow but home we go

  1. Faith Hone says:

    I am very happy to see that you have made it to the Bimini’s. Have a really good rest before you leave for Florida. We had a bit of wet snow overnight, but melting fast. Aunt Vic has been watching your trip now & enjoying it to. Take care of yourselves. Love from Mom


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