Ruins and a huge empty beach

(Edit: This should have been posted 6 days ago but had trouble uploading)

Yesterday afternoon’s adventure: Don, Carl, Jim and I took a walk to the beach on the east side of the island. Just up a hill from the marina are the ruins of a Clubhouse where the Rat Pack and their friends used to come and hang out. Apparently their mansion was farther away.

There was an 18 hole golf course here too. Now all of it is in ruins though I hear that 9 holes are still mowed but we couldn’t distinguish greens or tee blocks easily.

We continued along the road to a path to the beach. So pretty and only two other people walking on it. A few sailboats were anchored there but though it was not very windy, it looked rolly. The sand felt like icing sugar and indeed the southern end is called Sugar Beach.

As we walked the shallows, Jim spotted a wee baby black tip reef Shark cruising the edge of the water. Maybe 2.5′? So cute.

Walked to The Beach Club bar but they had just closed…at 5:00…only open for breakfast and lunch. It’s next to the airstrip and has twin conical structures if you’re looking on Google Earth.

Then we walked back to the Marina along some of the old fairways. Boy do I wish I had some clubs and some balls!

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Sailing (and other) adventures of Carleen and Jim often featuring us sailing or racing our trailerable trimarans.
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