Fort Myers Beach to The Everglades 

Worked our way south from FMB to see if we could scout out more shelter spots along the Everglades Challenge routes for future races.

We saw several Watertribers moving along the Gulf Coast. Only one we could identify was Gadget Girl (aka Linda Wright) in her Weta Trimaran with carbon fiber sails. We saw Herron the beach at Lovers Key State Park near Naples.

We also watched a young or small dolphin fishing very close to shore.

Saw ugly yellow and black smoke in the air nearer to Naples. Apparently there is a wildfire burning in the Picayune National Forest. There hasn’t been much rain here since September someone told us. We heard that it’s burnt 6 houses so far!

We travelled further to Goodland, a laid back fishing village near Marco Island. Saw one Triber going through the passage there. Windy though!!

Enjoyed some cool beverages and snacks there.

Stopped to see an Alligator in a ditch…

Finally on to our hotel. It’s super nice. It’s the Port of the Islands Everglades Adventure Resort. Had a dip in the pool, now the guys are playing billiards without guys from California who came to check out the Challenge!

Tomorrow we hit Checkpoint 2 nearby at Chokoloskee.

About Carleen&Jim

Sailing (and other) adventures of Carleen and Jim often featuring us sailing or racing our trailerable trimarans.
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2 Responses to Fort Myers Beach to The Everglades 

  1. Faith Hone says:

    Beautiful pictures. Hope the pool was heated ! XOXO 🙂


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