Willymakeit?  Sure hope so!

The Everglades Challenge has been on Jim’s bucket list radar for a few years. It is a 300 mile race from Fort De Soto, St. Petersburg to Key Largo. It is put on by the Watertribe… A group of adventure paddlers and sailors in small boats that can be launched off the beach.

This is Jim’s first kick at this adventure racing thing so here we are, at Fort De Soto, prepping little Leftovers for tomorrow’s 7:00am start. Jim’s boat has passed inspection meaning all of his safety gear is in place, he knows how to use it and all of the captains have gone over the rules again at a meeting.

It’s pretty windy but nothing outrageous for the sailboats. There are about 65 masts that I counted but many belong to Hobie type kayaks. There may be 100 boats total? Not sure.

More info on the various classes of vessels at Watertribe.org or Watertribe.com.  You can Follow Jim’s progress on the Tracker Map on the Watertribe site. He is in Class 5 and his tribe name is Willymakeit… We know he will!

If you follow him on their Tracker Map, you will see how he is doing vs the other competitors. I know he’s excited to beat the guys with the Pink Flamingo named Fred on the bowsprit!

We know he will do well…afterall, he’s got our buddy Sailor Mike’s Cracker Jack box Compass aboard to show him the way. Thanks Mike! Looking forward to seeing you and the FYC crew on the beach soon.

Paul and I will follow him on shore with the trailer.

IMPORTANT!! Paul and I are his shore crew. We and the organizers all have Emergency plans in place should Jim need help. NOBODY following his progress is to call the Coast Guard unless WE ask you to in person.This is very important please! Thanks.

My cell will be on most of the time once he starts so you can text or even email me with questions. Voicemail is OK too as I may not hear if the phone rings!

Jim says thanks everyone for all the good wishes.

Here are a few pics from the beach. I will load more tonight.

And…more pics

Mike Morris from Fanshawe Yacht Club, wife Margo and daughter Morgan came to support Jim all the way from London!

 for Doug and Steve!

The FYC gang with Bob Magill joining us at left. Thanks for coming everyone!

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1 Response to Willymakeit?  Sure hope so!

  1. Linda & Tom says:

    Nice photos. Some very interesting “one of a kind” vessels.


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