Leaving Bimini… Take Two.

Saturday February 25:  It’s 8:30 and we’ve left our lovely anchorage at Nixon’s Harbour bound for Florida. We’ll see if it works this time!

We spent the latter part of yesterday afternoon (Happy Birthday brother Ed!) watching turtles feeding and pelicans diving. We were anchored in about 6′ of water in sand and the turtles were feeding in the nearby grass beds.

Jim messed around with the dinghy. He went to check out the Bimini Beach Club marina but it seemed deserted and unused.

I jumped in with my snorkel gear to check the anchor and film whatever I could underwater. Those videos will be published later when I can edit them. I only saw little fish but some brave ones would come look at me while others would scamper away to hide in the weeds.

Paul played around on the paddleboard. It’s a bit tricky but he stood up for a while. He liked it and said it’s good exercise!

We waved at the Shark Research teams as they came back from collecting data then enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

We finished up the day with refried bean tacos and Paul kicked Jim’s butt in Sequence – which he’s never played before!

Note: the anchorage was protected from the west wind but was a but rolly when the wind swung to East in the night.

Here are pictures from yesterday when we explored the anchorage. There’s a creek off of the anchorage which is apparently a pretty good hurricane hole in the mangroves. The Yacht is the Party Girl. She is 45m charter Yacht. You can Rent her for a mere $170,000 weekly plus expenses!

A wreck by the entrance to the creek

Shark Research Lab pens.

Shark Nursery:  the mangroves are where the baby lemon sharks grow up.

The crew enjoying the sunset on the Lido Deck.

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Sailing (and other) adventures of Carleen and Jim often featuring us sailing or racing our trailerable trimarans.
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1 Response to Leaving Bimini… Take Two.

  1. Michael Goulet says:

    It looks like you arrived at the main intersection of downtown Ft. Lauderdale. I remember all the multi-million dollar yachts on the inter-coastal right downtown. Glad you made it to shore safe and sound.

    Stay well and enjoy your time there.

    Michael Goulet gouletmichael@yahoo.ca H: (905) 331-7107 C: (289) 795-4517



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