Still in Bimini 

Winds and waves too much today. So staying another day. We’ll let you know when we decide to leave.

Visited the Shark Research Lab earlier. There were two young UK scientists who gave us a lecture about the research at the Shark Lab.  There were 3 Little lemon sharks in the pen behind us. Also got to pet a baby female nurse shark that they were studying as well. They also had a southern ray in there. They only keep the young ones there for a few days at most. The baby lemons are pupped in the mangrove shallows and live there until they are old enough to leave for deeper water.

Shark Lab


Young female Nurse shark above that we got to pet.

Baby Lemon Shark about 2 years old.


Sunset at Bimini Sands Marina

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5 Responses to Still in Bimini 

  1. Mel says:

    What kind of research are they doing? Why lemon sharks?


    • Carleen&Jim says:

      Hi Mel. These are pupping grounds for the lemons. They only pup after age 10 or so, then only have a few at a time whereas a blue shark could have a lot at once! They are trying to learn about lemon shark pupping grounds in the mangroves there in order to possibly advocate to create a protected zone there. The lemon shark population is declining badly and some nearby construction in North Bimini may be affecting that. They are also studying personalities, food sources etc. The studies have been going on for 30 years now.


  2. Faith Hone says:

    Paul – Great shot of Car & Jim ! Lovely pictures, great sunset, should be good to go to Florida tomorrow or Sat. according to “Windfinder’s” report for South Bimini. It gives everything; winds, waves,tides the whole works. Its fun to try to figure out what you all are going to do & when. XOXO


    • Carleen&Jim says:

      I took a selfie Mom! We use at least 4 different weather sources and our eyes! We literally walk to the channel entrance to look at the sea state. We won’t go until it looks safe.


  3. Ed says:

    Very cool
    Petting sharks 😀


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