Slow Sail South

Tuesday, February 14 Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. 💗

Didn’t get too far today. We woke up and immediately started doing chores like stowing gear better,  etc.

Jim was the first in for a swim as it got hotter. There wasn’t much wind so the swim felt really refreshing.

We dinghied into the settlement of Deep Creek to meet Trevor Pinder of Pinder’s Marine.  He texted that he would meet us at “the dock”.  When we neared the settlement, all we could see from the water was a long rock jetty. Was this the dock?  The tide was ebbing and we weren’t sure there was enough depth along the jetty even for our dinghy. But never fear, the water is dredged on one side and there was Trevor waving at us from halfway down the jetty where he’d parked his car. He had a few bulbs which he thought we could use for the blown ones up the mast or at the stern. Nice guy.  He goes up and down Eleuthera to help boaters. We have lights enough to light us up at night so we likely won’t go up to install these

The settlement has a bunch of dogs running around. Two males adopted us and trotted along in front of us as we walked up to the convenience store for ice cream. Jim gave the toffee-coloured dog some water and they were fast friends.

Back at Pinder’s shop, we shot the breeze with some townsfolk for a bit. When we made to leave, the two dogs alerted us to a pack of dogs up ahead and stayed close by our sides. The other dogs didn’t come near as we walked by. Amazing.

We said goodbye to the dogs and dinghied back out the not-so-Deep Creek through a route Trevor had suggested earlier as the tide was flowing out and parts of the Creek were drying out.

We hauled anchor after lunch and made for South Eleuthera hoping to get across to Little San Salvador but there just wasn’t enough wind. We sailed past Bannerman Town,  which is the Princess Cruise Lines “desert island” where folks can come ashore to have a beach day or do excursions.

Checking the charts and the projected swing of the wind to South, we decided to anchor off Lighthouse Beach where it is nice and sandy.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be windy enough that we can sail over to Staniel Cay in the Exumas so we will try that.  Cheers!

Anchored just outside of Deep Creek.

Meetin’ Trevor at the Deep Creek “dock”

Church at entrance to Deep Creek jetty.

Cemetery at a different church.

Our new friends.

Good bye friend.

View of our boat from inside the shallows of Deep Creek.

Bannerman Town below.

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Sailing (and other) adventures of Carleen and Jim often featuring us sailing or racing our trailerable trimarans.
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6 Responses to Slow Sail South

  1. Faith Hone says:

    Lighthouse Beach & Bay have beautiful beaches and rock formations to see. Did you look around?Should be able to make it to Staniel Cay as the winds are not bad & in the right direction. Love the tracker and your pictures. Lovely Moon shot. Is everyone Happy and able to sleep on board OK? XOXO


  2. Linda & Tom says:

    It’s great to read about your daily adventures. Hope that you are having lots of fun now that you are under sail!


  3. Carol Goulet says:

    Michael and I are so enjoying reading your blog and seeing the pictures about your adventure. It is just great and glad you are getting to do this. It is 4:50 pm so the two of us are just having Happy Hour….so CHEERS you three!


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