The Ocean Hole

The Ocean Hole is an inland brackish water swimming hole in Rock Sound.  It is a lovely spot next to the Elementary School and they have made it into a cute attraction with a visitor’s centre and a park. It is quite round and has roughly-eroded limestone edges about 20′ high.

We headed there after a long day of working on the electrical and plumbed systems of the boat. We met a local family there who helped to identify some of the fish which were schooling near the platform next to the water.. The fish come looking for handouts as many visitors bring bread and feed them by hand.  I immediately slipped into the refreshing water and the little girl asked me if I was afraid to swim with all of those fish, some of which were maybe 12-14″ long.  I said no. I took my underwater action cam (no it’s not a GoPro) and joined the school.  It was so cool how curious/hungry the fish were.  None touched me but the big French Angelfish (with white lips and small yellow fins) came within an inch or so.






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