Scrubba dub dub

It’s Wednesday and we got up at 6:00. If you know Carleen, you’ll know that she loves early mornings but doesn’t do them well!! But thankfully there was freshly-brewed Muskoka coffee and an incredible view. No wind at all! Of course that brings the biting sand flies. We call them No see-ums or midges. Little bastards. 

Last night we roared back into Rock Sound (in our “not so Grand Cherokee” which had lost most of its exhaust system on the drive down island earlier) and stopped at the boat to put a few things away. It happened to be supper time and Andy’s friend Gino, a builder by trade, had his conch fritter stand set up. We ordered some conch fritters (battered deep fried conch) and 1 conch salad. While he made the conch salad for us he was kind enough to show me how to prepare it. Delicious!  A young man who happened to be there who is a diver showed me how to get the conch out of the shell. If you don’t do it right, they won’t come out. Gino had a bunch of big conch in the back of his truck. They only take the big ones and leave the young ones to grow. Our salad and fritters was $17. I added a bit of fried rice with okra and tomatoes mix and we ate it all back at the house. I have a video but it doesn’t want to load yet. Maybe later.

Back to today…

The guys were gone to by 7:30 in our loaner rental car (?). It was hilarious as Jim tossed Paul the keys as he volunteered to drive. Both got in and started laughing. It’s a right hand drive Honda. So Jim drove instead. I believe they made it.

I stayed to wash cushions and the main sail along with some bedding from the boat. Just after I’d finished, a little dark ray swam by. Hopefully the video works below! 

I’ve also included more pics of our place. It’s called Blue Ocean. The big concrete porch is to protect the house from big storms from the west.

Our aquatic visitor. It was pretty shy… As I waded in to film it, it began to glide away pretty quickly.

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Sailing (and other) adventures of Carleen and Jim often featuring us sailing or racing our trailerable trimarans.
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  1. mel says:

    Looks amazing Carleen!


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