A Lot of Sailors say “Never Start a Journey on a Friday”…

It’s Day 3 of our adventures and we’ve ended up in Thomasville, GA.  Down I-75 we had two really great days of driving, only got lost separated in Detroit, broke our mast support and lost one trailer tire! What day was it? Yup, a Friday.

On Day 1: Smooth sailing at the border. Then Paul in the truck with the boat, and Jim and I in the Civic split up to enjoy various parts of the metro Detroit freeway system. It was fun to play “Where’s Paul” on the VRS (walkie talkie) radios and then we remembered he had no way to text us! But miraculously, we all ended up on I-75 southbound in Toledo with Paul getting there ahead of us. (He was first, he told me to say that😀)

After our happy reunion, the rear mast support looked like it had cracked. It was good times watching the mast slowly slip off to starboard at 70 miles an hour. Pulled into the Casino at Toledo to fix it. Sadly, no time to go lose any money.

Night fell in Ohio but it was clear and crisp. No snow but freezing and windy. The guys drove in the truck and I zoomed ahead in the Civic. Then a trucker flashes his or her lights behind us…a lot! I drop back to have a look as Paul sped up a little! He says truckers are taught to do that….but we don’t have that many wheels, or axles! Anyhew, I see some sparks from the left trailer tire area and tell them “You may have a tire going”. We pull way off onto the thankfully frozen shoulder. Well, the tire wasn’t going, it was gone! Nuts and all. Crap. So Paul put on his truckers coat with that high visibility tape and Jim strapped on his headlamp and got to work. They put a new tire on and I’ve basically driven behind them all the way here.

So, do you start a journey on a Friday? Hell yes! But be sure you have tools and warm reflective clothing!

I’m off to see if this motel has a palm tree. The pics are backward in order. You’ll notice we stopped at the Kentucky Artisans Centre in Berea. Wonderful place. See ya down the road.

About Carleen&Jim

Sailing (and other) adventures of Carleen and Jim often featuring us sailing or racing our trailerable trimarans.
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1 Response to A Lot of Sailors say “Never Start a Journey on a Friday”…

  1. Gill & Ted says:

    Hell yeah!! What a start – well definitely made for a great story 🇨🇦❤️


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