Yum? 🍌🌯🍎🧀🍪

One of the joys of prepping for a sailing adventure, whether it’s racing or cruising, is planning what to eat whilst onboard. When we are racing, Carleen defines one of her roles as “Snacktician”. It’s super important to keep one’s Crew hydrated and well-fed. Figuring out what to eat and drink ahead of time saves a ton of grief and hopefully prevents any mutinies (at least over food!  “Discussions” about tactics will be saved for another post! 😉)

For the upcoming Everglades Challenge, we are building Jim’s stash of comestibles which include dehydrated food packs such as those the Armed Forces (or doomsday Preppers) use. Because when the fecal matter hits the fan, one wants to be ready …right? Again, that topic may be another post.

Other than a bit of a “fail” with one pack (hint: it’s  good to actually read the instructions first), the dehydrated food should work out alright. Most taste fairly good and are easy to prepare. Most are either add boiling water to the food in the bag, stir and let sit for 10 minutes like the Mountain House product in the middle, or just add water to the chemical pack which heats up the food in the bag…no stove or anything needed as in the pack at left (which included about 12 different items for a full meal: drink powder, salt & pepper, cereal bar, coffee and fixings, etc.).


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